This page is dedicated to ongoing projects. Progress shots will be uploaded as frequently as possible.
2 piece White Limba body, Ziricote top                                                                          Body cut out
Body rough cut
Forearm bevel rough cut
Body shot with forearm
Top glued up                                             Ziricote top bent over the forearm bevel
Neck lay out. White Limba neck with ebony fretboard.
Ziricote binding (not shown). Dual action truss rod
Truss rod channel routed
Neck template attached and ready for rough sawing.             Neck rough sawn
Neck shaped. Tuner holes drilled. Also note the 1/8" hole for the fretboard locating pins
Locating pins for top glue up. These
keep the top from shifting during
glue up. Another set of pins is
located around the bridge area.
Radiusing the fretboard
Locating pins in neck along with locating holes on bottom of fretboard
Slot for Fender LSR roller nut. Slot is .219 wide.   
Ziricote binding.                
Close up of locating pin and hole.
Cutting fretslots.
Fret slots cut. Fretboard trimmed to size. Ready for binding.
Ziricote binding
Belly cut layout                                                                              Roughed out belly cut
95% done belly cut
Drilling side dot markers                                                 Markers installed
Markers sanded flush                                                      Yes, they glow in the dark!
Neck pocket
Headstock thicknessed, blended into fretboard.
Ready for headstock veneer
Pickup and trem cavities routed                                                Trem cavity routed
Locating holes for neck bolts                                                Holes for neck ferrules                                               
Roughed out all access neck joint                                        95% done AANJ
Control hole layout
Ziricote headstock overlay
Matching Black Limba backplates
Control cavity routed